€250.000 Google Ads revenue in 180 days with a avg. ROAS of 3-7x

Learn how we clocked €250.000 in 180 days with Google Ads

This business is operating within the beauty supplement niche and had the mission to see massive growth.

They were doing alright on paid social, but never managed to unlock Google Ads as a performance channel. By nature, the business had a large number of competitors in their niche, so we took the approach of leveraging the demand and search volume that our competitors was contributing to the market.

As you'll see some campaigns was down scaled in start June due to inventory issues.

Google Shopping is a must-have for any ecommerce business, and that's why we put our full focus on it from day one. We quickly made sure to optimize the product-feed.

Our main goal was to split-test different campaign structures and use 1st party data, such as customer lists in Customer Match + to feed our Performance Max campaigns with audience signals.

In addition, we leveraged YouTube as a remarketing channel and used their large content bank for creatives.

This enabled us to fill up our top-of-funnel with interested consumers who later converted through other campaigns or channels. The clicks we got from YouTube were cost-effective and helped us acquire more customers.

Since the brand offers a subscription-based service, we also secured a MASSIVE 81% uplift in subscriptions generated in the same period, which is not accounted for in Google Ads.

The Shopify dashboard tells the whole story.

Non of these results was possible if it wasn't for the awesome team behind the brand, that not only let me unfold my Google Ads playbook, but also made sure that the post-click experience was smooth and frictionless

CEO @Smoothly

"'Brian helped us scale our Google ads account by 100%. He is really knowledgeable and an expert in his field. We have worked with a lot of Google Ads agencies, Brian's agency is the only one I would sincerely recommend to other founders."

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