[New Biz] From £0 -> £57.000/month in 4 months

Learn how i took a new business from £0 -> £57.000 in 4 months


This silicone rings brand hired us for Google Ads and joined our “SEM domination program” as they wanted to grow in their target markets through Google Ads.

The brand decided to branch one of its non performing product categories out into its own brand, and let me run it up with Google Ads

The main brand has existed for 6 years and tried multiple full-service agencies but has not been able to grow its sales in a very long time.

This changed after the owners approached me.

Challenges Faced:

The challenges faced were:

  1. Not knowing which overall strategy to follow
  2. Not knowing which metrics to follow
  3. Not knowing how to grow further
  4. Not knowing how to communicate their wants and needs to former marketing providers

and most of everything - a super un-optimized Google Ads account, where managers have been reacting and making decisions on wrong data

Strategy & Approach:

When i began working with the brand search ads were the only thing running with some success, so search was the first area to optimize.

To begin with the conversion tracking was a mess, and dynamic remarketing wasn’t setup, so we quickly implemented a server-side tracking solution for conversion tracking and made the right dynamic remarketing setup.

Next up it was time to crack on with the shopping/product listing ads for the brand. Shopping was tried before, but with very little success, so i began to build and optimize our shopping feed BEFORE wasting any more ad spend on shopping campaigns that might or might not fail to bring the return that we wanted.

After the new product feed was built and optimized with all relevant attributes, we set the first test in the form of a Std. Shopping campaign for our main market. Results were acceptable from the first 3-4 weeks of testing (much better than previous attempts 👀) so I decided to let it ride for a while and performance kept improving.

Our next step is to invest in better assets for our Performance Max campaigns and run search ads to custom landing pages while continuing to improve customer experience on site (CRO) and we are quite confident that we could continue to scale with these things alone.

Enough talk! Let’s see some numbers!

Took the brand from £0 → £57.000/mo (and still scaling) with Google Ads only

Took their Google Ads from £60/day → ~£200/day

The majority of these are new customers

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