Padel Brand Achieves Hyper-Growth During Recession with Google Ads

Learn how a padel brand in EU achieved to grow double digits with Google Ads

In this case we are working with a sports brand that operates in the scandinavian market, with a massive competitor stack and some really price sensitive consumers - a classic red ocean market - and even in a recession market we managed to help them grow the online store 56% since June 2022

We scaled though it all: 

  1. Supply-chain issues,
  2. Consumer-behavioral changes
  3. A huge raise in energy prices in scandinavia
  4. Multiple competitors that appeared and disappeared during the time frame
  5. Bad marketplace deals

All of which contributed to the fact that we needed to think differently in terms of still continuing the growth to the business.


  1. None of this have ever happened without the brand having super cool products, and a passionate team behind to deliver an fantastic customer experience.
  2. We've been managing Meta Ads in the same time-period and the spend split has been 20/80 between Meta and Google
  3. Spend on brand terms has been less than 1% of the overall spend in the time-frame

Let's dig in ↓

Since we partnered up with Ongoal, we have implemented: 

  1. 1st party customer data strategy
  2. Better Google Shopping segmentations which aligns with targets/demand
  3. Importing gross-profit and POAS bidding + only working on a profit on ad spend basis
  4. Several BFCM strategies across Paid Search + Meta Ads
  5. A Microsoft Ads setup
  6. Server-side tracking

All of the above have contributed to Ongoal being able to establish themselves as one of the biggest padel stores in scandinavia

Overall, we believe that using a logical approach and proven workflows, combined with extensive Google Ads experience and high-level marketing psychology, is the key to success on Google Ads. We've seen significant growth in our client's niche, and we're confident that any brand can achieve similar success.

The outcome?

  • A Google Ads account than runs on gross-profit data so we are able to adjust POAS (profit on ad spend) targets up/down in peak periods and maintain a healthy blended net-profit.
  • +97% in revenue growth since April 2022 til today (May 2024)
  • A slow and steady increase in overall POAS and net-profit

No case study is complete without a Shopify screenshot. So to round this one off, here's the Shopify screenshot

Co-founder @Ongoal

"We have been working with Brian and WydeMedia for years now, and we are very pleased with the dedication and knowledge Brian has"

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