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Hello, this is Brian founder of WydeMedia

You might be here because you don't fit into our core offering which is Google Ads and YouTube Ads management for brands making €20.000/mo at minimum, but still want to take your Google Ads to the next level.

Introducing our consulting package named "Google & Youtube Cloud Consulting", were we as a Google Ads senior consultancy will operate as your strategy partner (in the cloud/background) with your Google Ads account, and educate your team/yourself about what needs to be done in order to reach your goal/grow with Google Ads.

Who is this for?
The program is for:

1. Brand spending pulling less than €20.000 in revenue per. month, but with the ambition of doing better on Google Ads
2. Brands that don't need 24/7 Google Ads management, but still want some professional help for peak seasons (e.g. Q4)
3. Brands that want us to train their in-house teams to level up their Google Ads skills

What do you get?
Our consultancy package have a minimum of 3 months period-slots and includes: 

1. Development of the overall and long-term Google Ads strategy
- How does Google Ads solve your business problem? 
- How can Google Ads support your growth goals? 
- Which keywords/products should you focus on first? 
- Which campaigns should you utilize first? 

2. Roadmaps for your team to navigate from
- How to optimize your Google Shopping Feed? 
- How should we segment our Shopping campaigns? 
- When should we tap into Performance Max? 
- When should we bid on which keywords? 

3. Direct access to me though Slack
- For daily questions and reporting  

4. Monthly reports and check-ins
- Monthly reports on the front-end metrics + on business related metrics
- Monthly check-ins via. online meeting to talk more complex questions through

It's basically our core offering without us doing the actual work.

Why does it make sense to get external consulting?
Getting external help for Google Ads brings a lot of benefits for ecommerce brands. Some of the benefits are:

1. The ability to get learnings on what have worked across our own portfolio of clients
2. Our consulting is a cost effective way to optimize your customer acquisition machine
3. The ability to level your own team up with Google Ads specialist with deep knowledge of Google Ads.

It all comes with a very affordable flat cost of €600/month to keep your marketing expenses down, and pouring al must cost into your ad spend.

If all this sound interesting to you, feel free sign up in the form below, and let's start the dialogue.

- Brian

brands that i have been proud to work with


"'Brian helped us scale our Google ads account by 100%.
He is really knowledgeable and an expert in his field. Besides that, he is a great guy. Explains everything he does and answers all your questions in great detail.

We have worked with a lot of Google Ads agencies, Brian's agency is the only one I would sincerely recommend to other founders."
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CEO, Smoothly
"Brian and the team have really supercharged our business and have taken things to the next level!

They are amazing at what they do and have allowed us to shift our focus to other areas of the business while they look after our growth.

I love that Brian is super knowledgeable is quick to answer any questions we might have.  I highly recommend Wyde Media if you are looking to grow your ecommerce business!
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CEO, Luxe Bouquet
"WydeMedia is the most professional that we've been working with.
Brian is the kind of guy you'd like to have in-house on the team, always trying to find new ways of doing business.

If you're looking for someone that will dedicate himself to your business and marketing I would definitely recommend Brian and WydeMedia.
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Co-founder, SmellWell
"We have been working with Brian and WydeMedia for a year now, and we are very pleased with the dedication and knowledge Brian has, and we have managed to grow our business with 20% and also enter new markets.

This in a market where we have seen competitors decrease their business. We can highly recommend Brian and WydeMedia"
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Co-founder, Ongoal
"Brian and Wydemedia has been a pleasure to work with! Here you have a man who takes his work very seriously and fights with life and soul to make the marketing part succeed.

A true enthusiast who will do whatever it takes for your business to succeed! Brian is not shy about offering his help, - even if it has nothing concrete to do with his daily work."
Owner, KreaVærket