Spending €10.000 in Google Ads? Structure your account like this.

Having a brand and spending €10.000/mo in Google Ads spend? This is how i'll approach the Google Ads structure.

Having a brand and spending €10.000/mo in Google Ads spend?

Today i'll dig into how i will structure a Google Ads account when spend is around €10.000 a month to begin with for a business, and why i will do it this way.


  1. All product categories for this imaginary brand has 0 seasonality, as product seasonality will have an impact on the overall Google Ads structure
  2. This brand already has a decent conversion volume in the +300 conversions a month across all campaigns formats

This is how i will structure the account ↓

10.000/30,4 = $328 in daily ad spend

(€100/day) Performance Max– Bestsellers – Target ROAS/CPA

Whether you hate it or love it, Performance Max has a place in almost every ecommerce Google Ads account. The leavers you have within a Performance Max campaign is: 

  1. Fully Build (with images, headlines, videos etc) or Feed Only setup
  2. If you should have ACA (Automatically Created Assets) turned on/off
  3. Add brand exclusions or not
  4. Add negative keyword lists (Google support can do this for you)
  5. Enable "bid for new customers only", or "Bid higher for new customers than for existing customers) or simply leave it up to Google
  6. Which product segments you decide to have in the Performance Max campaign
  7. Which bidding models

All of the above levers have it's place for all accounts, but for this i will go with a Feed Only Performance Max with added brand exclusions and a dedicated negative keywords list added.

Keep it at $100/day until the campaign spends its full daily budget, and begin to scale daily spend.

(€100/day) Shopping/Performance Max – Remaining products – tROAS/CPA

For the remaining part of the products it's all up to the performance of those to determine which campaign format to proceed with

  1. If performance is good (but not as good as the best sellers) i would put them into a Performance Max campaign and pair it with a "catch all" Standard Shopping campaign
  2. If performance on the remaining products is quite low i would just proceed with 1 Standard Shopping campaign

"But why can't i just toss all my products into Performance Max campaign, and be done with it?" You absolutely can, but you will not get the same level of performance across the full product range if you don't segment your Shopping/PLA (Product Listing Ads) a little, as if you have all your products within 1 Performance Max campaign, Google will more spend and focus to those 10-20% of the products that delivers good performance, and leave all other products sit although they could potentially contribute to more revenue generated

Remember to monitor if products in this campaign get enough traction to be moved up into the bestseller Performance Max campaign.

(€50/day) Search – Generic – tROAS/CPA

Digging into the search side of the account now, and there is a lot of way to go about your search campaigns, but in this instance i will have a as consolidated search setup as humanly possible to consolidate as much search ads data as humanly possible. Reasons for segmenting out search campaigns into 2, 3, 4 maybe +5 search campaigns could be: 

  1. if you have a different business objective (Bid strategies or targets)
  2. If you want to allocate specific budgets (allocate more budget to service/product X)
  3. If you want to use campaign-specific goals (Macro vs. Micro conversions)
  4. If you want to use campaign-specific settings (location targeting)
  5. If you have specific insights the algo won’t know (business-specific insights)
  6. If you want to provide additional insights or reporting

When building this search campaign remember to have tightly themed ad groups with generic search terms that make sense for your products and remember that the purpose of this campaign is to capture and maximize the impression share for the generic search terms for your products – and convert it as well - You can read more about how to approach search ads here

Keep an eye out for CPCs as CPCs are wildly different from niche to niche, and remember to add a negative keyword list to begin with.

(€50/day) Shopping – Catch All – tROAS/Max Clicks

Have a Standard Shopping campaign for all products (yes, the ones included in the other campaigns)

Go with either a high tROAS (l20-80% higher tROAS then the other campaigns) or Max Clicks w/ CPC cap. ( if you go with Max Clicks set the CPC cap to 50% of the Performance Max CPC to begin with)

The purpose of this campaign is to catch all the remaining traffic that the 2 other Performance Max/Shopping didn’t prioritize

(€28/day) Search  – Brand Terms – Target Impression Share

Brand campaigns always get's meet with some push back for when you are a strong organic presence or not having competitors bidding on your brand terms, but i will make sure to protect this brand in the SERP with a branded campaign for sure. If you set up the branding campaign with exact match keywords and be proactive with your target impression share bidding model (monitoring CPCs) you are paying pennies for your branded conversions.

Another super important note about a branding campaign when you also run with Performance Max campaigns is that branding campaigns with exact match keywords (it's important that it's exact match) will make sure to not let Performance Max steel all the branded conversions and pump up attributed revenue in your Performance Max campaign. Reason for this is how Google prioritize ad rank in search campaigns vs. Performance Max campaigns, so if you have a well built branding campaign, you should not worry about Performance Max "stealing" your branded conversions.

There you have it – this setup has been used in multiple accounts and enabled me to have a rock-solid foundation to scale upon.

Was this helpful, or do you want me to post some other scenarios?

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